Picking a piece of paper up off of the floor, a staple jammed itself under my fingernail. I wasn’t able to see if it was bent or straight, so I was unsure how to pull it out. Yanking on it didnt do much except make me bleed. After several minutes of quiet panic I managed to tear it out from under the nail. Ouuuuchhhh. It doesnt really hurt thankfully. Its kind of hard to pick my nose though.

I finally saw Little Otik after years of being obsessed with it. Apple mentioned it a long time ago on BCO or LJ or something. It seemed like a movie I would like; bizarre, disturbing. In a way it was. People eat wayyyyy too much soup in this movie.

A film regarding a barren couple that digs up a tree stump vaguely resembling a baby and will it to life. Based on a Czech fairy tale (I think) the stump child develops a voracious appetite that can only be sated by HUMAN FLESH!!! Ok it can be sated by other things it eats a cat but likes humans I guess. Halfway though the movie, and after devouring the postman, some hair, and a social worker, Otik is put in a crate to be stored in the cellar. Its at this point the movie turns into Little Shop of Horrors. I’m doing a poor job of explaining but I liked it a lot. So much so that I drove up to Barnes and Noble where Miguel was doing homework, and let him borrow it. Then I drunkenly pocketed the new Jeffery Brown book.

The effects on the child, Otik, were some type of stop motion animation/claymation which was unnerving. Giant teeth and wildly flaining tongue. Like most of my gfs! ZZZZZZZZing.

Tonight Chris, Jeff, and I are getting together to purchase tickets for our trip to Las Vegas in May. Our friend Cameron is getting married, and this will be the bachelor party. Kellan caome with me so wew can finally get married. How he assumes we can afford a trip to LV, gambling, a hotel, and flying to Denver a month later is beyond me. Seriously why is the bachelor party a month before the wedding? I am not looking forward to spending $600-$700 on this shit. Fatty may be a man of leisure but I only own one hawaiian shirt. And it has the Hulk all over it. 

Oh well it’ll be fun. Did you guys know that bagels have more calories/fat than donuts? I didnt.



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